What’s buzz and why it’s so important for your product or brand…


What’s buzz and why it’s so important for your product or brand…

The 1995 smash hit toy spacema…. No, not him silly, we are talking marketing buzz. What it is and more importantly, why its crucial for any brand, product or service if it wants to be successful.

What is buzz?

Buzz is simply defined as talk. It’s how much people talk about your brand or product. When it’s good buzz, you wont want people to stop talking about it. If its bad buzz, you’ll want to get ahead of it ASAP. The worst thing is no buzz. If no one knows about you, how can you sell anything?

Because buzz is shared from person to person, it’s often a reflection of themselves or their opinions, they wont talk about something that doesn’t elicit an emotion or have a reputation.

Be funny, interesting, informative, even down right silly, what ever puts your brand or product in the best light.

So how can you create buzz?

Buzz can be created in a number of ways, this especially true now that the common businessman has the Internet at his feet. Previously, a brand would need a fancy campaign to generate buzz from the PR or ad agencies, but not anymore. Something as simple as a YouTube video or Instagram post on social media can get people talking about you. All you really have to do is give the audience (Your customers) something interesting about your brand. It could be a USP, a skill or something that your product helps do. It also has to be easy to share, Social media is a great tool for discussion and sharing. Targeting your buzz at the right audience on Social Media can really grow your exposure and success rate.

Although they don’t do it themselves, Nike is probably one of the best brands I’ve seen at creating buzz. Check out this clip of Ronaldinho hitting the crossbar using Nike products a few times.

This clip went global and it doesn’t include anything other than Ronaldinho and the Nike logo. The original version only ever included the web address, a small call to action at the end. You may not have the deep pockets of Nike, or the skills of Ronaldinho but you wont need them. You don’t even need to produce a video that glossy. It could be a tweet, an event, a discussion piece or a post on Facebook. If you can show that your brand overcomes something, does something no one else does, or is better than another brand, you should be shouting, tweeting and posting about it.

It’s important that your buzz interests them, if it doesn’t or it’s old news, this step is where it will fall flat. The best way to get someone to speak, react or do something is to illicit an emotion.



How do I get the ball rolling?

So you’ve got that one thing that you want the world to talk about? Have you found that special thing that’s going to sell your product, brand or service? Great. Now you educate those with the power to share this news. This isn’t everyone however. Yes, put that video on your YouTube but don’t forget to let the industry bloggers and journalists know. Don’t be afraid to show those in the know your product and be ready to explain why it’s so good. If it is that good, they’ll talk about it. In a PR project for University, I pitched a new festival event and noted that when I wanted to create buzz, I was always going to keep music bloggers and journalists in the loop, simply because their audience are the head people I would want to come to my event. When they discuss my concert in their publications, it creates buzz for me.

Never be afraid to put that link on your blogs and social media, people who already follow you are likely to already be interested in your service or product.



Any Pitfalls?

Remember your audience; this could all be a waste of time if you fail to interest them. Think, “Will this interest them?” at every step of your thought process. If the answer is ever “No”, just rethink a few steps.

Abort Mission if you ever think for a second it could offend your audience. Your audience is the customers, your bread and butter, offending could turn a great PR campaign bad. It could turn what was meant to be good buzz into a negative buzz. Trust me, bad Buzz spreads way faster than good buzz does. You can’t control the Internet, so once you release something, there is no way of getting it back. Timing is also a good factor to consider. If you can find a time when your product or service is at its greatest need, that’s probably the best time to generate buzz. More people would be interested. Again I refer to sportswear giant Nike. Their buzz aimed at football fans is usually generated around the World Cup season, when public attention is focused on Football. If a certain USP of your product works better in the summer, build awareness then. Promoting suncream in the christmas sales never made sense unless you was selling it at an airport.

You should also understand that although buzz marketing gets you the awareness, you also have to include something that allows the potential customer to get more information and potentially buy, if you don’t, they’ll simply enjoy your promotion but look no further, a small call to action, such as a web address is necessary.

Hope this helps any of you in building buzz for yourselves. Don’t shy away from the guys who work for the agencies though, if you’ve got the budget they can give you a serious push. I’m by no means an expert, just explaining what I know. If you have any questions, experiences, feedback or anything you would like to add, comment below, or email me, and I’ll get back to you.


Daniel Drakes



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