How do I go about planning my ad or PR campaigns?

Developing a Plan

How do I go about planning my ad or PR campaigns?


Every promotional campaign is different. There are different products to promote, brands, styles and budgets.

In order for a marketing or PR campaign to be successful, there are a number of factors you need to assess before making key decisions. These are my key factors that every brand must consider before even looking at what mediums are best for your campaigns. Researching effectively is key to making these decisions.




What do you want to achieve from this promotional campaign? Brand or Product awareness? Increase in sales? Damage Limitation? Is your campaign a reaction to competitors campaign? Are you looking for repeat business? Do you want a certain section of the public to buy your products?


These are all questions you have to ask yourself before going any further. It’s a way of measuring the success of your campaign. Aimless campaigns usually fail to achieve and can lead to business splashing their budgets recklessly.





Your audience is the target for your campaign. They are your potential customers. It’s up to you to research where they are and how to reach them. Your aims may affect your audience and vice versa. Reaching out to old customers may mean rehashing old methods where as attracting new custom may introduce new methods to your marketing mix. Making sure that you pick the right ways to reach your audience is key to the success of your campaign.


Considering your budget is important in managing the expectations of your campaign. Some methods of reaching an audience is more expensive than others such as a TV ad over an email campaign. Some audiences are also more expensive to reach than others.




This is especially essential for PR campaigns but also good to keep an eye on if your planning advertising. Your advert and product will need to attract customers to your brand and if your product is seasonal it may be best to avoid marketing campaigns out of season. For example if you’re an Ice Cream brand, I wouldn’t necessarily look to push out a marketing campaign in the middle of winter as the desire for your products will not be as strong. For PR, your often looking for the news and brand advocates to pick up your campaigns. They are looking for news that attracts readers/viewers. If your campaign doesn’t attract that desired audience, you’ll often be ignored.


All of those factors affect the marketing methods you will pick in your campaigns.


A basic example,


I’ve accepted a pitch from a large sportswear brand and my aim is to build awareness amongst young people between the ages of 16-30. My budget is of a multi national company meaning all of the marketing mix is available to me. I would do some research in to where these people can be found and what marketing methods reach them effectively. From my research, this audience would mainly be found online using social media, checking out sports websites and watching sport on TV between 7pm and 9pm. I would plan online marketing around awareness on sporting websites such as Sun Sport, and other popular sporting websites. Banner Ads and videos would be produced. I know that these websites have high web traffic for my target audience through research. I would also plan social media marketing aimed at being displayed during sporting events when my audience is most likely to be discussing the sport. Tweets and Posts would be used alongside polls and YouTube videos available to be shared. Finally, I know that there is a number of upcoming sporting events that will be televised. I would produce a TV advert to be broadcast during sporting events in order to build awareness that way.


This is a basic idea and not a finished plan, I just wrote it to help you understand how those key factors affect the decisions you will make in your campaign. You may not necessarily have the aims or budget I have used in my example but essentially the questions you will ask yourself are the same.


I hope this helps you to plan your promotional efforts effectively. There’s much more depth I could go into but a blog post will turn into an essay. You also need to produce effective promotional material for your campaign, its just as important. There’s no point in researching and making those decisions if you cant effectively gain their attention and have a clear call to action in some form. Creating Buzz for your adverts and campaigns is one way, see a previous blog post for my advice on how to do so.  How to make your campaign attractive however is a blog post for another time.

Any questions or would like my advice, leave a comment and i’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email or tweet me, my details are below.

Until next time, Take care.

@Mr_Drakes // @4231formation

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